Real Football 2013

Real Football 2013 1.0.9

Take charge of a soccer club and lead them to glory


  • Lots of teams and leagues to choose from
  • Officially licensed player database
  • Smart presentation


  • Not all player names are accurate
  • Laggy on less powerful devices


Real Football 2013 is a Java soccer simulation in which your mission is to lead your team to world domination.

Although it's graphically primitive in comparison to the iOS version of Real Football 2013, this Java release still packs plenty of soccer action. There are more than 240 real life club and national teams to choose from, many of them with real player names (though not all, unfortunately).

The idea of Real Football 2013 is that you lead your team to glory by picking your best starting XI for every game, choosing the right formation then playing your heart out in the matches. If you long for more detailed management capabilities and aren't fussed about the simulation side then check out Real Football Manager 2013 instead.

Playing matches in Real Football 2013 is fairly enjoyable, although the range of movement and attacking/defensive options is very restricted given the nature of the keypad-based controls. Graphics are well drawn, though animation can be jerky at times on less powerful mobile devices.

The presentation of Real Football 2013 is well done, and there are some nice touches such as trivia games and practice modes that appear while you're waiting for the game to load. There's also a trading card system within Real Football 2013, where you can purchase and unlock player cards in order to improve your team.

Real Football 2013 isn't the most sophisticated soccer sim you'll play, but it's got enough action to appease hardcore soccer fans.

Real Football 2013


Real Football 2013 1.0.9

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